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Church shopping is awkward.

The first church shopping experience that I remember was in first grade. My family looked up some churches in some directory and we all piled into the car and drove out to visit each one. The only one I actually remember was Green Hills Baptist Church; the one that I visited with a cone of chocolate malted crunch in my hand. It was the church I would attend for the next 15 years.

Lindsey and I have been church shopping thrice in six years of marriage. This last time we wound up choosing what was the previous time’s runner up: Real Life Ministries.

Plugging into a new church is awkward.

But instead of talking about it, I’m going to tell you about how I am in no danger whatsoever of accidentally worshipping nature.

At our new weekly home group we were discussing Genesis 2. After rebuilding the story and trying to understand what the author might be trying to teach through it, someone asked “does the fact that God entrusted humanity with caring for creation mean we should recycle?”, to which my wife and another girl enthusiastically yelped in the affirmative.

The first thing out of a brother’s mouth from across the room was “but it’s really important that we’re careful not to worship nature, though…”. Now this is a guy I actually have hope of friendship with. I will no doubt tell you more about him and the other characters in my life later, but his comment struck me a particular way, though I had heard it many times out of the mouth of evangelicals (starting with my parents).

But the thing is that none of us here are in any danger whatsoever of accidentally slipping up and being like “oh my God the environment is the source of moral goodness, veracity, and aesthetic perfection and fully deserving of my adoration and love!”.

I understand that for some, being green performs a similar role for them that religious devotion does for us. I get it.

But in a room full of North Idahoan Christians who are far more likely to let material goods like large trucks and homes get in the way of prayer, charity, community, heart worship, and the pursuit of right thinking, being paranoid about the total non-issue of worshipping the environment allows us to continue missing the point.

Oh yeah, and I think I am going to try for NaBloPoMo. You’re welcome.


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