Hear me out.

[NOTICE: Since I didn’t finish this post in time, I cut out all the different supporting sections I had been building so that I could finish them and publish them as independent blog posts.]

What follows is my attempt to persuade you to vote for Gary Johnson tomorrow. I will explain why I think your values have not been honored by Obama and would not be honored by Romney if he were to win. I will explain why I think a vote for either of them would be much more of a throw-away vote than a vote for Gary Johnson (spoiler: it has to do with the electoral college and what will happen if Gary Johnson gets 5% of the vote). If you do not have an open mind about whom you will vote for or do not have the stomach to hear out some criticisms of your guy, stop reading now. If there is a real chance you will like me less after hearing me out, then please don’t.

Why Not Barack Obama?

Barack Obama has continued many immoral aspects of the foreign policy of George W. Bush by supporting terrorism and waging several unwarranted and unconstitutional wars. He has transgressed against human rights at home and abroad. He is doing virtually irreparable damage to the fundamentals of the United States and global economies. He has eerily and unconstitutionally expanded the powers of the Executive branch.

Why NotĀ Mitt Romney?

Mitt Romney flip-flops on issues, lies, and is loyal to the Republican Party in a way that will likely result in carrying out their unconscionably harmful plans just as other presidents have been doing. He gives lip service to life and sound fiscal policy but his record and his actions signal the intent to carry on the establishment business as usual.

Why Gary Johnson?

Gary Johnson is an Ironman. He unwaveringly champions compassion, justice, freedom, fiscal responsibility, and overall sanity at home and abroad. If he earns 5% of the vote it will allow Libertarians equal ballot access and federal funding, striking a critical blow to the entrenched two-party system. A vote for him directly contributes to this achievable and high-impact goal. A vote for an establishment candidate is a throw-away vote if you are not in a swing state.


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  1. Gayla

    Louis, you have obviously put a tremendous amount of thought and research into this. The disclaimer at the beginning was a good idea. I love that you are passionate about voting and that you care so much. One of our goals was to raise critical thinkers. I think we have succeeded!
    P.S. I never thought one of my offspring would be quoting Mother Jones.

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