Monday Night

Monday night after Soren’s bath I asked him whether he wanted his dinosaur jammies or the striped jammies. We try to give him the chance to make decisions so that he can practice decision-making. As he progresses he gets to make decisions of more and more consequence. He picked the dinosaur jammies and insisted on putting the pants half of them on by himself. It took him 10 minutes, but he did get them on (backwards). When we put the top on he asked for the zipper and I had to explain to him that it had buttons instead of a zipper. As soon the zipperless reality of the dinosaur jammies finally dawned on him, he went ghost white and started to shout “Striped jammies! Striped Jammies!”. I asked him, just to make sure, whether he wanted the striped jammies after all and he enthusiastically affirmed as much. We took them out and got his dinosaur jammy pants off and started putting the striped footie pajamas on and he made sure I didn’t start zipping them up for him. After we got his arms in too he kindly pushed my helping hands out of the way and stood up and zipped to his heart’s content.


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2 Responses to Monday Night

  1. Anastasia

    I love him.

  2. Gayla

    I love that little boy.

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