Memoir #1

One time Luke and I were playing with Laura and Bri on the side of the house. We were playing some game whose made-up plot required that there be physical conflict between the characters we were each playing. We determined that, instead of engaging in real fisticuffs to determine the outcomes, or imagining fist fights and arguing over the outcomes, we would just do a head count so that for any two players on opposing sides, it would be a draw—that it required two players from one team to overpower one from the other. During the course the game, I ran into Laura in a context in which a diegetic physical conflict was required. Laura was arguing with me, saying that she should win and I was explaining to her that it would take two of them to overpower one of us. A mom in the neighborhood overheard me asserting this and she stepped in to harshly lecture me about how my assuming that it would take two girls to overpower one boy was unfounded and sexist. She advised Laura to play by herself, because Laura didn’t need “that sexist bullshit”.


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2 Responses to Memoir #1

  1. Gayla

    I had no idea. That is actually quite funny.

  2. Anastasia

    haha. WELL SHE DOESN’T.

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