Intro to Wittgenstein: BBC Interview w/ Berkeley’s John Searle on YouTube

The rest of the interview can be found here.

Searle published a collection of his book reviews on the philosophy of mind as The Mystery of Consciousness, and his own fully-orbed view is presented in Mind, Language, and Society: Philosophy in the Real World.

The 2010 lectures from several of Searle’s philosophy classes at Berkeley are available on iTunes U: 132 133 138.

Here is Searle’s homepage.


Did you ever get to hear from Searle when you went to Berkeley?


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  1. auntlouise

    i don’t think i did. I graduated in 6/64, and the free speech movement got underway in Sept., although there were rumblings earlier. I did hear Nelson Rockefeller speak on Vietnam, and Pres. Kennedy spoke at my grauation. However, now I’m interested and will read up on him (Searle.)

  2. auntlouise

    Actually, as I’m thinking about it and remembering, I did hear Mike Tiger and others speak, but they were students, not professors.
    *Where can I read your manuscript?

  3. auntlouise

    oops! just saw pictures of John Searle speaking in the plaza during a FSM rally. and it’s mike tigar.

  4. Searle began teaching at Berkeley in ’59.
    *What manuscript are you talking about?

  5. Gayla

    Louise! I was at your graduation and I don’t remember anything about it!! How could I have not known that President Kennedy was the speaker????? Aaaugh! I guess that shows that what was important to me was YOU.

  6. auntlouise

    i guess it’s the manuscript that you’re writing for an app. to grad. school. or did i misunderstand? it happens occasionally.

  7. auntlouise

    I graduated in 1964, Pres. Kennedy was assinated in 1963. What was I thinking??? I guess I don’t know who spoke at the grad. ceremony. I’m so embarrassed and humiliated? How will I ever regain any credibility?

  8. Maybe you got JFK and Will Arnett mixed up?

  9. Gayla

    Louise, what this means is that you’re human. Pure and simple.

  10. Apparently JFK was a man for midday naps.

  11. Oh! The manuscript. You cannot read it anywhere yet. It doesn’t exist except in fragments on my computer. But I can make it a point to send you a draft!

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