Pee Theory

I had a theory.
Soren does what he sees me doing.
I try to intentionally do stuff, knowing this.
I started peeing in front of him.
I ask him to wait and watch.
I did this enough times, and
today I get a report from Bob,
that Soren has been trying to climb on the toilet to go pee.
We haven’t even started trying to potty train him yet;
he just wants to be like Dad.

That can be read as a poem.


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3 Responses to Pee Theory

  1. Brianna

    ahahhaaa. I WANT A VIDEO. Or it never happened.

    Best soren moment ever.

  2. Tor

    Get him a potty chair,
    So he doesn’t have to climb.
    And he can hit the boat
    Ev-er-y time.

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