Apollo 14 & Under-Extracted Espresso

I am in a Starbucks in Spokane, enjoying some downtime while my wife Lindsey takes the Praxis II for School Psychology at Gonzaga. I am enjoying what to me tastes like an under-extracted americano. I’ve begun following a blog called Futility Closet at the suggestion of my best man and business partner David. Today’s entry is a quotation from an Apollo 14 astronaut. When I read it I appreciated the sentiment, but wanted to address the astronaut thusly: Look, the relative size of a matter does not determine its importance, and zooming out physically on it may help one to gloss over details during a moment of reflection, but the details are where all the relevant considerations lie.

There most assuredly is a lot of pettiness in international politics, but it sure as heck ain’t because the globe looks small from a distance.


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  1. Chris

    “I am enjoying what to me tastes like an under-​​extracted americano.”

    Haha! Nice, man. Been tasting a lot of espresso lately?

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