Abridgedly on Stephen Colbert and the Progressive Democratic Agenda

Stephen Colbert is funny. And in this clip he points out some insightful inconsistencies in the rhetoric of “conservative” “Christian” pundits who say idiotic things.

But he’s wrong.

His mistaken presupposition is that government is the channel through which charity ought to be distributed. And you know my argument against that – it robs people of the joy and responsibility of giving voluntarily, and in doing so infringes on their property rights (more on this later). It also enlarges the government, which is made up of people and so is more prone to corruption with more power. And because of this it doesn’t even end up doing a good job distributing charity to begin with!

I would use all of Colbert’s arguments to persuade people to voluntarily give to privately run charitable organizations that have to compete with one another for donations, that are held to high standards of transparency (unlike the gov’t), and to be personally hospitable and compassionate. To adopt orphans and help the widows next door to them. To be strategic about helping overseas. To volunteer at or operate the soup kitchens and give to Compassion International and World Vision and Red Cross and Samaritan’s Purse and the Sheep Fold.

Convincing people to be charitable just might get more done than mocking people for not wanting to force others to be charitable.


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3 Responses to Abridgedly on Stephen Colbert and the Progressive Democratic Agenda

  1. Derek

    Strangely, I couldn’t have said it better myself.

  2. Perfect and well said, Brother.

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