Any Blog Recommendations?

What blogs do you follow? McSweeney’s? Slash Dot? Slate? NPR? What? Your friends? Who are your friends? Patrol? Come on; cough ’em up!



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  1. auntlouise

    i have only been following the blogs of canonical, cannonical, apocryphal, and other swingrovers and swingrover progeny. once i a while i read jonwright’s blog. are you looking for new blogs to read?

  2. Well I keep an organized catalog of blog feeds, some of which I read every post from, and some of which I will browse and read a post or two out of the mix once a week or so. I use a program called NetNewsWire (free) for this purpose. Anyway I keep hearing about things verbally from people before I read them, so I am guessing I am missing some popular feeds.

  3. Chris

    I follow Evangelical Textual Criticism, the EPS blog, The Scriptorium Daily, Patrol Magazine, the Evangelical Outpost, and Praxis Habitus. I am sure you knew this already. I also follow a number of my friends’ personal blogs. Also, I enjoy exploring the findings of that ‘ol Conceptual Junk Drawer. Junk in the trunk.
    I just recently began reading through Myst – The Motion Picture blog, which continues to wet my conceptul appetite for a film showcasing Myst lore.
    Any recommendations?

  4. Had never heard of Praxis Habitus, but I subscribe to the others (though they are not in the “read every post” category). I just added the PH so thanks for that! As for recommendations for me – I will keep publishing round ups every now and again, so keep an eye out for them ;).

  5. Yeah I love the Mysteriacs!

  6. Gaby

    Has Brandon told you about PhilosophyBro yet? He finds it funny. I like this one:

  7. Yeah just yesterday.

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