Screeching Halt

Lumens flooding into vulnerable eyes,
beating against tender retinas,
spreadsheets, spreadsheets everywhere, but not a drop to drink,
emails, emails, spreadsheets, and invoices,
are some of my only choices,
alongside problems about which to think,
problems, problems, emergencies, and problems,
overhead lights feel too bright,
impatient emails from prospects
partners on vacation and not returning calls,
Hurry up! I must put my tender retinas in front of the deluge of cosmic radiation, I mean lumens from a screen
whose arrangement of light is to not my liking
I have to push buttons on it a lot
until I see arrangements of light that are to my liking
very important.
Very stressful.
Clean up! Clean up! Must get clean. Must keep organized. Don’t hang onto my pantleg.

Screeching halt.

Singing, dancing, running. Put down the dishes.
Tickling. Chasing, catching, more tickling! More giggling!
Soft skin and bright eyes. Snuggles and hugs. Blocks! Blocks are so fun! You can stack them! They are fun!
Books. Lots of books. Lapsitting. Giggling. Eye contact. Your hair is growing! Your teeth are showing!
I like you and you like me!
Slowing, slowing,
always knowing,
bedtime, bedtime, is approaching.
Those teeth that were showing,
Get some brushing going,
Climb into jammies and we can have more books.
More books, more books.
Aaaaaand some more books. You can read them! They are fun!
They are good books!
Slowing singing and embracing,
getting slower, getting softer,
and then night night follows after.

Far more important.


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4 Responses to Screeching Halt

  1. DC3

    Dude, this is amazing! The final line didn’t show up in my RSS reader. Maybe you updated it and updates don’t get republished?

  2. I love this. And you.

    And maybe I even cried a little. But shh about that.

  3. Chris

    I really enjoyed this.

  4. Grandpa

    Thanks again, Lou

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