Untitled #2

Maybe I will feel like a mature
adult someday. I never
knew that feeling comfortable in my role as a father would
end up settling in prior.

A smile can make someone’s day if accompanied by eye contact.

Having to live in a place
over which the cloud cover
resists attempts at being thrown off
eases down a man’s spirits.

Refraining from
familial social engagements due to
reflections upon the seemingly
everlasting onslaught of work and other obligations is not
cause for alarm,
every time. We just want to be home tonight, and that’s okay.

find my emotions so, so easily modulated by the remarks of others.

You shouldn’t be too quick to presume I even thought twice about it,
or that I even
understood what made it awkward. Until now.

‘Learn to die before you die…
or else you won’t ever get the chance. – CS Lewis (paraphrased)
“Vow to
enjoy public beaches and natural foods.” – Oscar Wilde

Almost infinite! – Max
Clark (paraphrased) | I occasionally
really try hard to figure
out how to
sincerely put
thoughts about my experiences
in with


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  1. DC3

    i enjoyed this.

    I like your new WP layout.

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