In the Middle Of

I would like to die in the middle of…

  • Hard Labor
  • Hard Study
  • Quality Time with Family
  • Charitable Activity
  • Worship

What’s on your list?


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3 Responses to In the Middle Of

  1. You do realize your dying in the middle of one of these would probably ruin the activity for everyone else, right?

  2. Gaby

    I heartily concur with Amy. In the middle of family time might be especially traumatic…

    I think I’d like to die in the middle of: my bed (the middle is most definitely the best spot), a donut eating competition (to show America the error of our competitive eating ways and because donuts are delicious) or a ball pit (with no children around to psychologically scar).

  3. Chris

    You are so funny.

    I think I’d like to die in hard labor. But we all know that isn’t physically possible.

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