Today I picked up some books from the library I had ordered on inter-library loan.

Their titles are:

  • The Blackwell Companion to Natural Theology
  • The Dead Sea Scrolls: A New Translation
  • Chronological Aspects in the Life of Christ
  • The Meaning of the Pentateuch

I also threw out my back in a debilitating way and am in excruciating pain. Which is why you’re getting the old NaBloPoMo cop-out treatment (something I all but swore I would not deliver).

Go read a book.


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  1. csthielen


    1) I am very sorry to hear you threw out your back. It is convenient that it would happen this month, but hey, I’m just saying.

    2) Let me know how the Blackwell Companion is. I remember us talking about this one, and I’m interested to hear how you like it.

    3) Let me know when YOU MAKE SENSE OF the Meaning of the Pentateuch.

  2. Gayla

    We are praying for you, Louis!

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