Top 5 Sites for Getting Political Facts


What do people really think? You hear opinions all the time about how Reagan is widely considered to have been the best president in history, that the world thinks George W. is stupid, or that blacks and hispanics are all democrats. Here you can get the facts about who believes what. I’ve been fairly impressed with Gallup’s ability to ask interesting, timely questions and segment their samples in the ways that seem most relevant.


I’m going to throw this one in here instead of because it usually covers the more political topics that Snopes doesn’t. It can sometimes show the slightest liberal bias, in my estimation, but it usually does a good job FactChecking all parties and relying on authoritative sources to do so. The more “balanced” is cheesy, of lower quality generally, and displays on obvious conservative bias. Nevertheless it can sometimes be smart to check it, too.


Here you can get the quick and dirty low-down on just about any politician on just about any domain of issues. For example, if you want to read quotations of Hilary Clinton on children and families, you could. You can see voting records, quotations, endorsements, FactChecks, etc. I particularly enjoy comparing quotations and campaign promises to voting records.


On this website you can search for both House and Senate bills and find out what their statuses are, see their full texts, summaries, sponsors and co-sponsors, etc. etc. You can even link to specific sections of specific bills for reference. It’s got pretty great searching, sorting, and filtering capabilities, too. This is a great place to get down and dirty with the facts and eschew propaganda. Read the bills because your representatives might not.


When it comes to politics, it seems like the doc that literally constitutes America deserves to be #1. This site has the text of the constitution nicely laid out and tagged up so that you can easily link straight to individual amendments if you want. It’s also jam-packed with useful notes and things for research.

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  1. DC3

    This is very helpful, actually. I’ve often wondered where to go to see who actually won certain things, and how many votes the losers got. I assume sites must exist for this info, but I’ve never found them.

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