The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly Bloggers

The Good

While I try to read broadly, there are a few thinkers who resonate with me, and probably the best-looking of them all is C. Michael Patton. My favorite posts are:

The Bad

I have more in common with the following blogger than I do most people on this planet. Our backgrounds, intellectual values, and general demographics make it so that I can deeply relate to his writing, and find myself vigorously nodding my head to much of what he has to say.

The only problem is that he is an atheist.

Read about why his blog is different.

The Ugly

I have read several good books about how to treat a woman, including “Letters to Philip on How to Treat a Woman”, and “Every Woman’s Desire”, to both of which I give high marks. But the work of the gentleman who runs “The Generous Husband” is my favorite. A rare sage of a man, truly.

Oh yeah and, compared to C. Michael Patton, he’s kinda ugly.


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3 Responses to The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly Bloggers

  1. DC3

    that’s really funny. A number of the “treat women well” people I read happen to be ugly. I wonder why good looking guys don’t treat women well AND write about it.

  2. Gaby

    The good: I don’t know how you can possibly fit all these bloggers into your life. Even the good looking ones. All you NaBloPoMo-ers have seriously eaten into my thesis productivity. (Yes, I’m blaming you for my rampant procrastination).

    The bad: I’m really impressed with this guy. What a refreshing blog.

    The ugly: I love The Marriage Bed duo. And their matching embroidered vests. And their love of scifi. And Paul’s pony tail. They are among the top 10 most epic couples of all time.

    @DC3: I believe there is an unfortunate correlation between good looking guys and not having to try very hard to snag a woman. Those of us who have deficits to overcome tend to wind up with sparkling personalities 😉

  3. “I don’t know how you can pos si bly fit all these blog­gers into your life.”

    you have no idea.

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