The proceeding sentence is not self-referential:


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5 Responses to Ouroboros

  1. Jon

    I think the colon should be a period.

  2. DC3

    anything is possible at swingrover.com. The only limit is your mind.

  3. thielen

    I don’t get it. Is the colon the head or the tail?

  4. @Jon The author disagrees.

  5. @thielen That’s a good question, actually. It is at the end of the sentence and so would seem to be the tail, but predicates something on that which follows it, which could be analogous to “eating”, making it closer in function to a head rather than a tail (it certainly isn’t being eaten). But what follows must surely be a head, as it is the beginning of the sentence.

    I think it’s also funny to note that this doesn’t constitute a liar’s paradox. It’s just a false sentence.

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